Learning to Use Web Sockets

This week was a whirlwind of ajax and web sockets! The result was a simple app to send real-time greetings. I played with the css a bit over the weekend, when I found myself inexplicably awake. Here’s the result, if you want to see..

Spambot Boo Boo

The most recent spambot to submit a comment had a bit of an issue with its parser before sending, so it sent the entire blob instead of the randomized string. The image is a screen grab of a small portion of the text, showing the arrays from which the bot was supposed to choose words. […]

Rails URL Validation

See Michael Bleigh’s original post for details. But in the mean time, taking advantage of the regular expression method of the URI class lets you do this for validating URLs: class Web validates_format_of :website, :with => URI::regexp(%w(http https)) end

Expected to Define It

Super quick post… The error: Unable to autoload constant NameOfController, expected path/name_of_controller.rb to define it is due to the controller file missing the class declaration. Another note: Passing a collection to “render” will automatically iterate through the collection: