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Rails 4 Gem for Centering Images and Content

When I made the gem for generating column widths last week, it was so I could avoid having to litter my code with divs to center the columns if my database contained fewer columns of data than would fill the screen width. So, of course, this week, I’ve made a gem so I don’t have […]

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Rails 4 View Helpers for Noobs

A view helper is a little piece of reusable code that you can place into your views to reduce the amount of code you have to repeat. You’ve probably already used some, such as form helpers (form_for) or others (image_tag). It’s also possible to make your own. If there’s something you do over, and over […]

Making My First Ruby Gem

I just published my first ruby “gem.” It’s a “gemified” version of the column width generator module, now available on And here’s the github page: A ruby gem is a kind of plugin for ruby apps. You post your gem to a hosting site from which others can get the code, plug […]

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Module to Auto-generate Column Widths in a Grid System

Yesterday, I added the ability for admins to view, create, and edit categories. This meant I needed to display columns of categories, organized by category type (think of it as meta-categories) – just what I had done on the home page, but without the extra column to deal with. The code I’d written to generate […]

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Women Who Code Hack Night

Great night at WWC Hack Night at Vista Higher Learning this evening! I got to meet a very enthusiastic young woman, and chat a bit about the project she’s involved with – the one that got her interested in learning to program. It was great fun to experience so much enthusiasm. I spent a bit […]