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Women Who Code Hack Night

Great night at WWC Hack Night at Vista Higher Learning this evening! I got to meet a very enthusiastic young woman, and chat a bit about the project she’s involved with – the one that got her interested in learning to program. It was great fun to experience so much enthusiasm. I spent a bit […]

Bootstrap JS Modal Dialog

It’s terrible (and annoying) UX when you’re trying to take an action, only to be sent through a whole slew of other pages, or worse, to be logged in, then redirected to a completely unrelated page. However, I need donors to log in before donating, so the donation can be properly managed (oh, those banks […]

An easy ruby tool to make slides

I went to the Boston Ruby group meetup tonight. Jed Northridge demoed his gem for quick slide prrsentations that uses markdown & ruby to build and serve slideshows painlessly. I’ll be using this!

Learning to Use Web Sockets

This week was a whirlwind of ajax and web sockets! The result was a simple app to send real-time greetings. I played with the css a bit over the weekend, when I found myself inexplicably awake. Here’s the result, if you want to see..

Spambot Boo Boo

The most recent spambot to submit a comment had a bit of an issue with its parser before sending, so it sent the entire blob instead of the randomized string. The image is a screen grab of a small portion of the text, showing the arrays from which the bot was supposed to choose words. […]

Rails URL Validation

See Michael Bleigh’s original post for details. But in the mean time, taking advantage of the regular expression method of the URI class lets you do this for validating URLs: class Web validates_format_of :website, :with => URI::regexp(%w(http https)) end